Be Kind to Your Mind

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If you have any struggles or you're dealing with mental health problems or you just need someone to talk to: CAPS, Student Wellness, there are many great resources out here.

I recently went to CAPS this semester just because I was feeling overwhelmed by a lot of things and didn't really know how to handle it for, like some of the first time.

Learning how to deal with my identity as a black woman especially being a predominately white institution I feel like a lot of times it is hard for me to gain self confidence in who I am so I have seeked CAPS.

I know my suitemate has gone to CAPS multiple times and she speaks super highly of it and if I ever have any issues I know it's definitely a great resource for anyone on campus to use. So I definitely recommend taking advantage of it.

It's something you're paying for and something that's not known enough about.

And the woman that I talked to was super helpful so I had a great experience with CAPS. I would totally recommend it.

Take care of yourself.

So if you're having any issues I know in my case if I ever encounter any problems that's going to be one of the first places I go to.

So I'd definitely look around and get in touch with somebody.