Dissertation Support Group

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Facilitated By: 
Jo Fullmer, LCSW
Dissertation Support Group

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Being in the final phases of a PhD program can be challenging in many ways. The purpose of this group is to give time and space for processing the feelings, challenges, and concerns you may have related to being ABD, and to provide mutual support and foster connection to peers. Topics may include dissertation completion, navigating the academic job market, relationships with advisors and peers, balancing work and family life, identity-related issues, coping with stress, and self-care. This group is open to anyone who is in a PhD program and has completed all the requirements except for the dissertation.

This group requires an initial assessment at CAPS. The therapist will help you schedule a brief screening interview to see that the group will adequately address your reasons for coming to the group. 

Use the group interest form with questions or to express interest in this group to the facilitator(s).