Election Support Space

Meeting Day and Time: 
11/2, 11/5, 11/11
Zoom, links below
Election Support Space

The Election Support Space is just that – a nonpartisan place to talk about the stress of this election, ways to cope and offering support to other UNC students. It is NOT a forum for debate or political discussion. There are already plenty of spaces for that! We will talk about how we are managing elections stress, share what helps and maybe practice mindfulness or grounding techniques. All students, regardless of political affiliation, are welcome to share their experience and look for ways to connect.

Support Spaces Available:

Here are a few ways to keep the space safer for everyone:

  • Each of these events are for current UNC Chapel Hill students. You must join Zoom with a current, valid UNC email address to participate.
  • Be kind. This is intended as a supportive space focused on easing stress and helping each other find ways to cope with uncertainty. No debating, interrupting or canvassing.
  • Listen for connection, not difference. Focus on connection, coping and care for yourself and our community.

Tips you can use today to stay balanced during election season available on the Healthy Heels blog.