Mindfulness Groups

three colorful silhouettes dance

Meditating to mountains

Pen over handwriting

This four week psycho-educational and experiential class is open to anyone experiencing emotional or health concerns. Through engaging in therapeutic writing, students may experience reduced stress and increased resiliency.

For those who have participated in Koru, another mindfulness group, or have previous experience with mindfulness and meditation. 

Learn to treat yourself with the same warmth and kindness you would offer a close friend, especially in times of struggle.

Mindfulness and meditation can help with stress management, anxiety, difficulty focusing, rumination and emotional wellbeing. Mindfulness and meditation skills will be taught and practiced in this retreat. Anyone seeking a more positive, centered daily life is welcome. No prior experience with meditation required. 

Participants will learn about a variety of mindfulness skills to practice in and outside of this class, ideally improving the management of emotional stress and experiencing healthier lives.