Skills and Wellness Groups

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These groups focus on learning and practicing a specific skill or set of skills which have been shown to be helpful in managing stress, anxiety, mood issues, and emotional concerns.

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  • Do you want therapy to seem more fun?

  • Have you struggled to find the words to express yourself?

  • Do you find it hard to do things for yourself outside of academics?

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various faces blurry with happy face clearEvidence Based Interventions to Improve Wellbeing. Based on the principles of Positive Psychology, this group will explore ways to shift your thinking and habits for more joy and less stress.

Join this group to gain the skills to challenge, lessen, and better manage anxiety.

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Are you looking for the courage to cultivate shame resilience and love yourself just as you are? In this weekly group, we will explore the ways in which we see vulnerability as weakness, understand our shame triggers, and move from "what will people think of me" to "I am enough."