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These groups focus on specific experiences shared by group members. These groups are typically less structured and offer connection with other students who have similar experiences.

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A group for students in their first and second year of medical school to discuss the challenges of anxiety, imposter syndrome, academic pressure and perfectionism, and more. This confidential space will be facilitated by the SOM embedded counselors and will meet weekly. If you are interested, please email Amanda Hall or Christine Crowther.

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The post-doc experience can sometimes feel "in between".  You are no longer a graduate student, and not yet in a permanent position.  Expectations for research and publication are high, and it is often difficult to balance work and family responsibilities.  This  6-week group will provide a confidential space for post-docs to discuss concerns and seek support around these challenges.

If you are interested in this group and can attend the majority of the six sessions, please contact David Stanely, M.Ed. at

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This group is for parents to discuss issues and stressors related to parenting while being a student or postdoc, and some of the positive and challenging experiences this may include. Topics will include identity, balancing roles and responsibilities, creating realistic expectations, and self-care.