Therapy Group Types

Improv Your Way to You

Status: Open in Summer
Meets: Wednesday afternoons - TBD
Location: Campus Health - In person - outside
Facilitator(s): Zoe Silverman, LCSWA & Jenya Fazletdinova, MA

Get out of your comfort zone and join CAPS for an in-person improv therapy group! Improvisational comedy, or “improv” for short, is about practicing spontaneity through co-creating ideas with other people. If you’ve been struggling with perfectionism, isolation, or adjusting to a new environment, then this group could be a good fit for you.

Over the course of 6-weeks, participants will learn the art of short-form improv comedy to foster their emotional wellbeing. Research has demonstrated that improv games can increase self-acceptance, understanding of emotions, and connection with others.  This is a fun and non-traditional approach to therapy. You will get a chance to let your walls down, learn more about yourself, and practice connecting with community. You do not need to have any experience with improv or acting to join. You don’t even need to be funny! We invite you to join us and try something new.

This group will be held in-person, in a quiet outdoor space, with masks required.

  • Helps with social anxiety by learning to try new social experiences in a fun, safe environment
  • Helps with depression by encouraging behavioral activation and activity
  • Helps with perfectionism by encouraging spontaneity and learning from mistakes
  • Helps with isolation by being part of an innovative, enjoyable group with other people
  • Helps with stress by encouraging play, fun and laughter
  • Helps with adjusting to a new school or environment by encouraging flexibility, curiosity, and trying new things

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