Therapy Group Types

Koru 2.0 Advanced Mindfulness

Status: Closed
Meets: Thursdays 3:30 — 4:45 pm
Location: Zoom
Facilitator(s): Mil Witt, Ph.D. & Misha Mohan, M.A.

Koru 2.0 is the 4-week mindfulness and meditation class for emerging adults that is the “advanced” class for students who have already completed Koru Basic, engaged in a similar introductory mindfulness class, or designed for students who have had a bit of a mindfulness practice in the past. Koru 2.0 builds on the skills developed in Koru Basic and provides an opportunity for students to further their practice and deepen their skills. Koru 2.0 has similarities to Koru Basic and some key differences as well. With respect to similarities, Koru 2.0 offers students the same 4-week, 75-minute meditation class, giving students an opportunity to use the Koru app to support their meditation practice and submit daily logs and reflections. In addition, Koru 2.0 offers lengthier practices, a short, chair yoga series in every session, and a 75-minute “silent retreat” in the third week. As with Koru Basic, Koru 2.0 offers participants a supportive environment to learn, grow, and deepen their meditation practice. Registration requires a commitment to attending all 4 classes. College, graduate, & professional students are all welcome! 

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