Focus on Your Health During This Student Wellness Day

April 1, 2021

As we approach a long weekend and a Wellness Day on Monday for students, The Wellness Champions Committee wants to remind everyone of the importance of taking time to focus on your own health and wellness. In that spirit, we are sharing resources that we hope you find helpful in supporting your total wellbeing. Why don’t you make it a priority to take a few minutes for yourself on Monday and check out one of the resources here?

Did you miss the TOTAL Wellbeing Wellness Week (March 8-12)?

That’s OK! There are still a ton of on-demand sessions available for you to enjoy any time! Topics include community support, financial wellness, fitness, health, mindfulness, nutrition, and more.

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Last week, the newsletter talked about the importance of GETTING OUTSIDE to reduce spread and increase overall wellness, especially now that the weather is warming up. Here are some tips they shared:

  • Unplug from devices. Leaveyour phone, headphones, and tablets at the door.Disconnecting from these devices helps you feel present and less distracted
  • Enjoy the sensations. Play around with tuning into one sense at a time. Eat lunch outside, close your eyes and listen to birds, pick up the grass.
  • Watch for wildlife. Look for your favorite furry friends. 
  • Move life activities outside. Make and eat dinner on a porch or in a park. Take a nap under a shade tree. 
  • Socialize outdoors. Try connecting with people outdoors too. Invite your roommate to walk through the woods, or call a friend while you explore a new spot.
  • Craft out of the box. Bring a DIY project outdoors, maybe even incorporate something you discover in nature.

Save the Date! Campus Recreation Spring Fling 

The tradition continues!! UNC Campus Recreation is excited to announce the annual Spring Fling walk/run will be virtual this year! Join us for a 5K walk/run wherever you can this May, between Monday, May 3 – Sunday, May 9, 2021.  

There is no set location, just run, walk, jog on a treadmill or using social distancing outside at your pace. You may also make a donation to the Orange County Animal Shelter or the Carolina Hunger Initiative.

ALL participants who join our Strava club, send a copy of their donation receipt or post a picture of their seasonal costume on social media by tagging @UNCCampusRec, have the opportunity to receive a Campus Recreation prize for participating.

What do you do to take care of yourself these days? Share a selfie, a tip or a personal story with us at

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Your Student Affairs Wellness Champions

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