Obstacles to Academic Success

There can be many distractions and obstacles to academic success. Below is a quick checklist that includes some of the most common distractions and obstacles to academic success.
Read over the list and answer "Yes" to any item which regularly interferes with your doing well in school. If you feel that you have too many "yes" answers, or know that a particular problem is interfering with your academic success, 

  • Lack of a study schedule
  • Priorities unclear (What to study first)
  • Failure to use short blocks of time constructively
  • Failure to use long blocks of time constructively
  • When sitting down to study, usually too tired or listless to study
  • Leaving tasks unfinished; jumping from one task to another
  • Studying on bed & falling asleep
  • Daydreaming
  • Can't resume studying after study breaks
  • Spending too much time socializing, playing games or sports
  • Unable to say "no" to invitations and requests
  • Making unrealistic time estimates
  • Attempting too much at once
  • Getting behind in one course because of having to study for another
  • Getting involved in unnecessary details
  • Accomplishing very little in relation to the amount of time spent studying
  • Distracted or frustrated by cluttered desk
  • Not having or unable to locate needed materials
  • Study area faces a window, door, TV, phone or other distractions
  • Interruptions by outside interference (phone calls, visitors, noises)
  • Frequently waiting until the last minute before starting to study or begin major project (i.e., Procrastination.)
  • Feeling of intense panic while taking tests