Mental Health Resources on Campus

CAPS is collaborating with members of the Mental Health Task Force to compile the many mental health resources available to campus.

To best use the gallery below, visit this page in desktop view which will allow you to filter the resources. If you are on a tablet or phone, you can use the browser menu to ask your device to load the desktop view, which will provide the filtering options. 

  1. Click Filter (in the top left).
  2. Select Add Filter.
  3. Choose which type of support, identity, and/or campus affiliation that best meets your needs.
  4. Explore by using a variety of filter combinations.
  5. See a complete view of each resource by clicking on it, which will also provide a live link to gather more information.

For emergency mental health needs, visit your local emergency department. CAPS is available for urgent mental health needs for students and post-docs 24/7 at 919-966-3658.