Services during COVID 19

CAPS is open Monday - Friday from 8 am - 5 pm and offers 24/7 support by phone at 919-966-3658.

Students or Post-Docs seeking services at CAPS may be faced with the challenge of identifying a secure, private, confidential space from which they can engage in a virtual CAPS meeting.  Here are some suggestions that we hope will be helpful in this process.

  1. If you have a roommate(s), or other persons in close proximity (suitemates, family, etc.) you can speak with them and negotiate securing confidential space for a period of time.  For example, if you are participating in a CAPS group on Tuesday 2 – 3:30 pm you could negotiate with your roommate that you need the room for something private for those 90 minutes-2 hours or so.  Hopefully, your roommate would have free time in their schedule or have a commitment/task that did not require privacy, and could therefore do that task elsewhere (e.g., a class that does not require privacy, so roommate would be able to have on headphones and people can walk by and see their screen and it is not a problem). 
  2. While it might not be ideal, some people have done sessions from their car or outside somewhere that is unlikely to have people (not sure if you could find a private space like that, but with headphones, sitting close to a wall/barrier so people can’t see your screen if they walk by, it could be done). 
  3. You might have friends/family/people who could let you use their room or space for your CAPS appointment (e.g., if you have a car you could drive to someone’s home). 
  4. You could talk to an RA or other housing staff to see if there might be private areas they could point you to in the Residence Halls.
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