Students Recommend CAPS

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Is anything bothering you?

I would say just stress in general.

I'm so stressed.

I'm stressed about money. 

I'm having some relationship issues.

I get really homesick sometimes. 

Everything's like piling on each other.

Our own personal mental health is something that we don't often talk about or share with friends. According to the American College Health Association, stress is the number one health factor impeding academic performance among college students with thirty three percent of them listing it as a reason. The Healthy Minds study shows that ninety percent of college students with a mental health issue have access to health care on campus but only twenty-five to fifty percent of them are seeking help.

We could all benefit by talking to someone about our mental health. Consider taking advantage of Counseling and Psychological Services or CAPS. At CAPS it is completely confidential and you'll be treated with the utmost respect and compassion. In addition, they have walk-in hours every weekday and it's completely free.

Here's what some of your fellow Tar Heels have to say about it.

Cythina: Hey my name is Cynthia and I'm a student here at Carolina. I'm also a personal trainer and I live a super healthy lifestyle. But it hasn't always been that way. I have a history of depression, anxiety, stress that stopped me from reaching my goals. I would really urge you to go to CAPS because sometimes all we need is a little help and i found that. Now i do natural fitness competitions, and I'm so much stronger and happier so I would really recommend it.

Keely: I'm Keely and I'm a Carolina Cheerleader. As college students we're under a lot of pressure all the time and my sophomore year I kind of found myself breaking under that pressure. A lot of stress and anxiety was causing me to do badly not only in school but also in cheerleading and other parts of my life. I finally decided to walk right into CAPS without an appointment and through talking to a counselor I was able to develop some techniques to manage my stress and they helped me all through college.

The fact of the matter is that we're all students at a prestigious university. As our  academic and our personal lives conflict with each other, we're gonna experience some issues. CAPS is a wonderful resource in terms of dealing with this. It's located on the third floor of Campus Health behind the football stadium between Morrison and the Genome Science Building.

So if you haven't been feeling well or you just want someone to talk to consider dropping by CAPS today.

Don't forget to mind your mind. It could be the next step in improving your health and wellbeing.