Nature Rx

Meeting Day and Time: 
Tuesday 3:30 - 4:30 pm
Facilitated By: 
Leslie Montana, MD
Nature Rx

Butterflies on flowers

A growing body of evidence shows that direct exposure to nature is good for our psychological, emotional and physical health and helps reduce anxiety, depression, stress, lack of connection or purpose, and a host of other concerns. Most of us spend 80-90% or more of our lives indoors, including many hours on our screens.  As a result of all this digital connectivity, many people feel more disconnected from themselves, other people, and the world around them than ever before. This is an experiential group that provides an opportunity to deepen our human-nature experience, and reconnect to nature, ourselves, and to other people. Through reconnection with the earth, we can begin to feel more grounded and more present in our lives.  

For 4 weeks, we will engage in both indoor and outdoor activities in order to put nature-inspired values into action. Themes will include land-based ancestral connection, horticultural/gardening therapy, nature-based mindfulness, forest bathing and eco-grief.  Outside of the group, participants will have “homework” in which there will be opportunities to explore different outdoor spaces around campus.Through journal-based discussion, we will share our experiences. Other activities may include creating nature mandalas, seed bombs and terrariums. 

This group is appropriate for anyone with an inclination to the outdoors who would like to deepen their human-nature connection.  

To join this group, please indicate your interest using the group interest form