Initial Assessments

Initial Assessments

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All students or Postdoctoral Fellows begin their work with CAPS through an initial assessment. These brief consultations occur without an appointment for students seeking counseling or psychological services for the first time at UNC - Chapel Hill.

For initial CAPS services, please visit at your convenience during walk-in hours: Monday - Thursday 9-12, 1-4 or Fridays 9:30-12, 1- 4. If you need a parking pass and would like to print one at home before you walk in, please call 919-966-3658.  You can also obtain one at the 1st floor front desk prior to going to CAPS on the 3rd floor.

During an initial assessment, students first complete a questionnaire on a tablet. Then they meet with one of our mental health professionals to discuss any challenges managing academic and personal demands as well as create a mutually agreed upon plan to help each student reach their goals.

The plan could include services provided by CAPS - individual, couples or group therapy and/or medication evaluation - or referral coordination to help connect the student to providers in the community. 

More details available in the First Time FAQs

Active Minds at UNC offers Companions to CAPS, which allows students to have companion walk with them to Counseling and Psychological Services if they feel uncomfortable doing it on their own.