Therapy Group Types

All in the Family

Status: Closed
Meets: Mondays 10:00-11:30AM
Location: Zoom
Facilitator(s): Faye Hobgood, LCSW & Carolyn Ebeling, LCSWA

Individuals who come from families with complicated dynamics face many challenges that impact how they view themselves, relate to others, and experience and navigate the world. Being a student from a chaotic/toxic family presents challenges that are invisible to others; this part of a student’s identity is often hidden and they often suffer in silence and isolation.

This support group offers a safe space for members to: 1) Build connection and community with peers who have similar family dynamics and challenges, 2) Share about and process their experiences, and 3) Offer and receive support. Additionally, students will gain a deeper understanding of family dynamics, learn more about effective communication, and how to establish and maintain boundaries.

There are no limits on topics of discussion. A few topics that may be explored in group are communication skills, conflict management, relationships, self-worth, fear of rejection, resilience, the impact of mental health challenges (of self and/or family members) and stigma, and many others.

Still wondering if this group is for you? If any of the following resonate with you, All in the Family may be a good fit for you:

  • You have family members who have substance abuse issues
  • Your family is conflict-driven
  • There is a history of violence in your family
  • Family members are emotionally unavailable and there is an inability to appropriately support and nurture each other
  • Your parents/caretakers are demanding and parent with an “it’s my way or the highway” approach
  • You notice you take on a specific role in the family that results in you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or depressed; inauthentic; silenced; inadequate/not enough
  • You feel manipulated/pressured by family members or feel your boundaries are not respected
  • Your family dynamics interfere with other domains of life and add another layer of stress to navigating all that comes with college/grad/professional school
  • You struggle with trusting others, and communicating your thoughts and feelings to others
  • You feel an important part of your identity is unseen or misunderstood by others who do have to manage toxic familial relationships

If you are interested in joining this group, please complete the group interest form. Once the form has been received, co-facilitators will reach out to potential members to schedule a time to meet for the group screen. **In order to join, members are required to meet with co-facilitators for a group screening prior to the start of the group.**

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