How to Join a Group

In general, the first step to joining a group at CAPS is to talk to a therapist during an Initial Assessment. No appointment is necessary. During this visit, you will speak to a therapist about your interest in group and have the opportunity to learn about additional mental health resources. If you and the therapist decide that group therapy is a good fit for your concerns and interest, the therapist will help you connect to group. Typically this means you will then schedule a pre-group information meeting with the group leader(s). This meeting is an opportunity to interact with the group leader(s) and explore the possibility of you participating in group. The leader(s) will share information about the format and structure of the group, discuss your goals for group therapy, and address any questions you have about participation.

If you are already seeing a CAPS therapist or psychiatrist or have met with one within the past three months and are interested in joining a group, you can ask the CAPS front desk staff to schedule a pre-group information meeting with a group leader. Your therapist or psychiatrist can also assist you in scheduling this meeting.

There are some groups at CAPS you may join without going through the initial walk-in visit (e.g. Courage to Heal). If you are interested in joining a group at CAPS and want to find out what you need to do to connect to the group, use the form below to indicate your interest. 

Questions about or interest in a CAPS group?

Indicate them using the Group Interest Form below. CAPS groups are open to UNC undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows.

The current group days & times, and whether the group is currently CLOSED/FULL or OPEN to new members is indicated on the "Therapy Groups Offered" list page.  Please check these to see how they correspond with your schedule.  

We can place you on an interest list for a group for a future semester if you are interested but unable to participate this semester.  

This form should be used for non-urgent communications only. If you would like to speak to someone about an urgent need, please call CAPS 24/7 at 919-966-3658. If this is an emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency department.

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