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#NoFilter: Creativity for Psychological Wellbeing

Status: Closed
Meets: not running in Spring 2022
  • Do you want therapy to seem more fun?
  • Have you struggled to find the words to express yourself?
  • Do you find it hard to do things for yourself outside of academics?
  • Do you struggle with perfectionism?
  • Want to learn from your own creativity and the creativity of others?
  • Do you want to get to know yourself more fully?
  • Have you been interested in group but the idea of vulnerability and talking to others scares you?
  • Are you drawn to creativity and thinking outside the box?  

    If you answered YES to any of these, then this is the group for you!

    Creativity and artistic expression are cornerstones of human experience.  Traditional talk therapy is often a powerful experience that helps people confront problems and ultimately heal, grow, and build more satisfaction, harmony, and joy into their lives.  But relying exclusively on verbal expression and processes to reach understanding, insight, growth, and healing can be very limiting.  For many people, they find inspiration, insight, emotional expression, growth and healing through participation in creative and artistic endeavors.  Utilizing different forms of creativity, such as music, painting, writing, dance, photography, laughter yoga, etc., in the therapy process is a way to help people learn to more fully realize their potential for growth and change, and find alternate forms of self-actualization and healing beyond verbal expression.  You do not need to have artistic ability, just a desire to figure out how YOUR creativity can be used to promote your mental health.  We all have creative potential inside of us.  

    In this group, participants will start off by assessing what they most want to work on or change in their lives, and identifying a theme(s) that they hope to focus on throughout the group.  In this way, participants will be able to make the group material specific to who they are and what they need in their lives, while being exposed to a wide range of creative and expressive techniques that can promote psychological wellbeing. 


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