Therapy Group Types


Status: Closed
Meets: Tuesdays 3:30 - 4:30 pm
Location: Zoom
Facilitator(s): Mil Witt, Ph.D. & Juliana Casella, MA

This four week psycho-educational and experiential class is open to anyone experiencing emotional or health concerns. Through engaging in therapeutic writing, students may experience reduced stress and increased resiliency.

Therapeutic writing is a powerful tool. Research has shown that writing reduces stress, allows for better problem-solving, and is associated with improved mood. Did you ever enjoy keeping a journal or diary? Do you remember simply feeling better after writing things out? Are you curious about how therapeutic writing differs from journaling and how writing can benefit you? If so, Write On!, a 4-week group, might be for you!

In this group and based on the work of J.W. Pennebaker, Ph.D. & J. F. Evans Ed. D. (2014), you will practice 5 therapeutic writing types - Expressive, Transactional, Poetic/Creative, Affirmative, and Legacy. The topics you choose to write about are up to you. Your writing is private and not shared within the group. In each group, there’s time to think, breath, write, analyze your own writing, and share your reflections as you progress through specific writing exercises. No writing ability is needed. No grades. Nothing to turn in!

Past group members indicated that they felt calmer, better about themselves, and more resilient after engaging in our writing activities. Some talked about re-connecting with the “joy of writing” through this group. Others were please to discover how accessible and beneficial therapeutic writing could be. This experiential and psycho-educational group is open to all. Come join us!

For questions about or to indicate interest in this group, use the group interest form.

Photo by Churl, Flickr Creative Commons

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