Empowering Black Women

Open in Fall
Meeting Day and Time: 
Facilitated By: 
Erinn Scott, Psy.D. & Antonia Pendleton, Psy.D.
Empowering Black Women

Women study in Stone Center

This group focuses on group members’ unique experiences to explore themes of pain, joy, healing, self-worth and acceptance (love), self-discovery, shame, stigma, anger, and discrimination in the lives of Black women. This group seeks to create a safe and trusting environment, dialogue openly and honestly about the experiences of Black women, and facilitate empowerment and encouragement.

To join this group, please indicate your interest using the group interest form. Members will need to meet with the facilitator(s) to do a brief screening interview prior to attending. The facilitator(s) will respond all received group interest forms to set up a time to meet.

Photo by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill