Therapy Group Types

Emotional Wellness

Status: Closed
Meets: not running in Spring 2022

The focus of this group is on learning more about emotions and improving the ability to effectively manage emotions. Some examples of people who might benefit from this group are people who experience emotional highs and lows and wish to regulate their emotions more effectively; people who act or say things impulsively when they're experiencing anger or frustration; people who want to experience more joy and less negative emotion. Part of the group is educational (teaching skills) and part is processing (sharing experiences and supporting other group members).

This group requires an initial assessment at CAPS. The therapist will help you schedule a brief screening interview to see that the group will adequately address your reasons for coming to the group.

Use the group interest form with questions or to express interest in this group to the facilitator(s).

Image Paris by Werner Olsen, Flickr Creative Commons

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