Goals and Objectives

Goal #1:

Interns will demonstrate the ability to think about, and integrate into their professional functioning, overarching ideas, values and skills, that we believe are essential for practicing as competent entry level professional psychologists.

Objective(s) for Goal #1:

Interns will...

  • Demonstrate competence in multicultural awareness and sensitivity; and will integrate multicultural competence into their functioning and development in all other goal areas specified as part of the internship.
  • Demonstrate competence in their professional judgment and their ability to practice in a manner consistent with legal and ethical principles, practice guidelines and agency policy; and Interns will integrate ethical competence into all other goal areas specified as part of the internship.'
  • Demonstrate competence in integrating a scientific approach into their practice of Psychology; and will integrate scientific thinking into other goal areas specified as part of the internship.
  • Demonstrate competence in their ability to have appropriate professional interpersonal relationships.
  • Demonstrate competence in their ability for self reflection and self awareness and for integrating this awareness into their practice in psychology.
  • Demonstrate competence in utilizing available opportunities to develop and grow as psychologists
  • Move towards developing a professional identity


Goal #2:

Interns will be competent to provide interventions and clinical services as entry level practicing psychologists.

Objectives for Goal #2:

Interns will demonstrate competency in...

  • Provision of individual therapy.
  • Provision of group therapy.
  • Provision of triage services.
  • Provision of crisis services.
  • Provision of psychological assessment services. [See Doctoral Internship FAQs]
  • Provision of supervision to other clinicians.
  • Skills necessary to provide effective consultation, liaison, evaluation, outreach and prevention services.


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