Stipend and Benefits

The stipend for the year-long (August 1 through July 31) full-time internship for 2018-2019 will be $30, 688 to be paid in increments on a monthly basis. This stipend has been modified to reflect the interns’ purchase of a health insurance plan of their choice and payment of associated premiums.

Please note that this appointment may be rescinded if a criminal convictions check discloses information that affects this hiring decision. Before a final decision is made to rescind your appointment, you will receive a copy of the information used in reaching this decision and you will have an opportunity to provide any exculpatory or explanatory information.

Leave time provided includes two vacation days per month, to be used at agreed upon times during the year. You will also earn one day of sick leave per month and eleven University holidays. Some of the vacation days are required to be taken the last week of the internship and when the building is closed in December. You will not be paid at the end of your internship for any unused vacation or sick leave.

We will provide professional liability (malpractice) insurance for the scope of your practice within Campus Health during your employment here. Interns are eligible for the UNC One Card, which permits access to University libraries and can be used as a debit card for UNC Student Stores and other services. Interns have access to the UNC gym and other facilities and are eligible for a free pass to non-revenue sporting event

Parental Leave

Interns will be able to take unpaid leave following the birth, adoption, or foster care placement of a child. Interns are not eligible for FMLA, as UNC-CH  requires one year of employment prior to its implementation. When the need for parental leave arises, CAPS administration works proactively with the intern, their academic program, and APPIC to arrange alternatives. Regardless of whether the intern is a primary or secondary caregiver, the intern can have up to 6 weeks of unpaid leave, at the discretion of the Operations Team and the Coordinator of Training.

The intern is encouraged to share their needs and wishes with the Coordinator of Training as soon as possible in order to allow time to plan for the leave and come up with a mutually agreeable solution. Given that each intern has different needs regarding parental leave, it is difficult to provide specifics regarding accommodations, but a possibility may include an increased workload during non-leave time. The intern is encouraged to be open-minded, realistic, and collaborative when working with CAPS staff towards a mutually agreeable plan.

It is the responsibility of the training program to “ensure that trainees have achieved the program’s aims, training requirements, competencies, and outcomes and have received a sufficient number of hours of training.”

In the event of a medical emergency or unforeseen circumstance, it is at the discretion of the Coordinator of Training to determine arrangements for missed work. (this may go under the sick leave policy instead).

Adapted from the “APPIC Guidelines for Parental Leave During Internship And Postdoctoral Training” by Allison N. Ponce, Ph.D., Allison C. Aosved, Ph.D., and Jennifer Cornish, Ph.D., ABPP

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