Videos from Intern Cohort 2019-2020

Here are some videos from intern cohort 2019-2020 where they share experiences from internship. Please read over the outline of the videos to see the different topics covered, such as culture of CAPS, support around academic obligations/job search, what the training looks like, and some highlights.

Culture of CAPS

  • Work/life balance
  • Communication between staff and w/ interns
  • Open door/relationships
    • With cohort
    • With training committee
    • All other staff

Support around academic obligations/job search

  • Dissertation/research time
  • COT and group guidance with application process
    • Type of jobs we applied for
  • 1-1 meetings to prepare for interviews, as requested
  • Professional time – travel for conferences, professional obligations, and dissertation

What training looks like

  • Components  
  • Seminars
  • Group
  • Sup of sup/providing sup
  • Individual and group sup
  • Triage/crisis
  • Flexibility and tailoring to individual desires
  • Interdisciplinary setting
  • Interpersonal approach – in individual sup but also in other training spaces. Expect interpersonal feedback  

  • Highlights:
    • Transition to off-site
      • Some may change in the future, but using zoom, still able to do individual and group, started doing triage in office
    • Surprises (thinks that might fall off you radar as you start internship)
      • It is a challenging year! Additional obligations outside of internship (Mirella)
      • Fast pace
      • Adjustment to full time job
    • Best aspects of the internship
      • Professional development
      • Maya (therapy dog)!!!!
      • The chance to collaborate with multiple staff members
      • Level of feedback/challenged to grow
      • Location

Intern introduction

  • Hometown
  • Doctoral program and type
  • Next steps (type of site, position type, location)

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