Year Two Experience

Year Two Experience

Some years, Fellows may be offered the opportunity to remain at CAPS for a second year. Expectations for the second year are outlined below.


Clinical Expectations:

*exact numbers may change based on service delivery needs

Clinical Hours

  • 16 Brief Therapy and Group Therapy
  • 3 Referral Coordination (3 hours, 6 appointments)
  • 1.5 Supervision (for one semester), subtract 1 Brief Therapy and 1 Referral Coordination that semester
  • 4 Triage

Training Hours

  • 2 Individual Supervision
  • 1 Triage Supervision and Training Committee Check-in (.5 each)
  • 1 Supervision of Supervision
  • 1 Track/Active Learning
  • 1 Track/Outreach
  • 1 Documentary Viewing and Discussion

Second Year Clinical and Training Activity Descriptions

Supervision of Masters Level Trainee

Fellows may have the opportunity to supervision a Masters level trainee for a semester. Masters level trainees are typically at CAPS three days a week. Each Masters level trainee carries a case load of 8-12 clients, which is distributed between two supervisors. Fellows will meet with the Master level trainee, in a taped supervision session once a week for an hour. Responsibilities include:  reviewing and signing documentation, watching/listening to recordings of therapy sessions, and providing consultation, instruction and feedback. Supervision of supervision will be provided (see below). 

Supervision of Supervision

Fellows will meet one hour each week with two staff supervisors for discussion, training and review regarding supervision. Fellows will identify questions and concerns appropriate for supervision of supervision. They are expected to share tape of supervision sessions every other week. Fellows will receive feedback and suggestions from staff supervisors and the Fellow cohort. Staff supervisors will review and provide final sign-off on notes.

Track Activities

Fellows will identify an area of clinical interest. Areas of interest can include presenting concerns, demographic groups, and theoretical orientations. Fellows will spend one hour per week engaged in self-directed learning, which may include reading, consultation, training, etc. One additional hour per week will be spent providing targeted student outreach. Fellows will be responsible for identifying opportunities to meet these requirements and will submit proposals to the training committee for consideration. Fellow will report on their progress to the training committee at regular intervals.

Documentary Viewing and Discussion

Fellows and a rotating CAPS staff member will view a documentary film focused on social justice, multiculturalism, or clinical work. Film viewing will be followed by group discussion.