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Counseling and Psychological Services offers a variety of services to meet your mental health needs.

All students begin their work with CAPS through an initial assessment. These brief consultations occur without an appointment for students seeking counseling or psychological services for the first time at UNC - Chapel Hill.

During your initial assessmentass, you and the therapist will work together to determine what treatment is the best fit for you. Often, this will include individual therapy.

When the focus of concern is a relationship issue or decision and both partners are motivated to address this, couples therapy may be an efficient way to proceed.  CAPS can provide brief or time limited couples therapy for issues that might reasonably be resolved in a short period of time. Referrals to community and campus resources for couples therapy can also be made by the CAPS providers.

Couples counseling may be requested when both persons are eligible for care at CAPS

Counseling and Psychological Services provides medication evaluation and management services for people eligible for CAPS.

Medication evaluation - often called "med eval" - is a meeting with a psychiatrist who will provide recommendations for psychiatric medications if necessary.

CAPS offers a number of groups to address student concerns in a variety of areas.  A brief screening is usually required to join a group. All groups are confidential and free for eligible CAPS users.

Getting help for mental health services can be challenging. Some students struggle with stigma. Others worry about time or financial constraints. We understand that it takes courage to seek therapy. Our goal iin referral coordination is to help you navigate the process and access the services that will be the most helpful to you.

Referral Coordinators will:

Significant mental health problems can affect your ability to attend classes and impair your academic performance.  If a psychological disorder significantly impairs your academic performance, you may request an accommodation.  Possible academic interventions for mental health problems include...

For severe or potentially life-threatening medical or mental health emergencies, call 911, go to a local hospital emergency room, or call campus police at 962-8100.

Brain LightbulbRetrain Your Brain is a four-session workshop series designed to help you better understand your emotions and give you the skills you need to break free from your anxiety and improve your mood.

CAPS staff recognize the importance of connecting and engaging with the larger UNC community to create a culture of care.

CAPS outreach includes workshops, presentations and other programming provided on request to student and campus organizations, university classes, and other campus entities. We attend resource fairs around campus where we distribute information about CAPS and serve as supportive mental health consultants at campus events.