Academic Interventions

Significant mental health problems can affect your ability to attend classes and impair your academic performance.  If a psychological disorder significantly impairs your academic performance, you may request accommodation.  Possible academic interventions for mental health problems include:

Additionally, Counseling and Psychological Services offers Road to Resilience, a program to support students on academic probation who are looking for support.

Current Semester Psychological/Medical Withdrawal

The process for how to withdrawal from the current semester due to psychological difficulties.

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Application for an Underload for Psychological Reasons

When a psychological issue interferes with a student's ability to maintain full-time enrollment in college, they may request an underload. Details are provided about how to embark on the underload process.

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Road to Resilience

Details about the class / group Road to Resilience for students who are on academic probation.

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Final Exam Excuse Request

Mental health issues can arise anytime - including during final exams. Here's the process for navigating illness during final exams when mental health illness significantly impairs one's ability to prepare for or take a final.

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