Multicultural Health Program

The CAPS Multicultural Health Program centers the needs of Black, Indigenous, and Students of Color at UNC Chapel Hill.

The Multicultural Health Program provides the following opportunities serving Black, Indigenous, and Students of Color:

To access individual or group therapy with the Multicultural Health Program, complete an initial assessment. To request support for outreach events, visit CAPS Outreach. 

MCHP Staff:

The program includes 2 mental health clinicians and 2 co-facilitators who are dedicated to meeting the needs of our students who exist within communities of color.

Erinn Scott, PsyD, Co-facilitator

Cherish Williams, PhD Co-facilitator

Sophia Davis, LCSW

Faye Hobgood, LCSW

Susan Chung, MPH, LCSW


CAPS is proud of the award-winning Multicultural Health Program! 

UNC Diversity Award for Intergroup Collaboration, 2021

Campus Health Teamwork Award, 2021

Multicultural Health Program Outreach

The Multicultural Health Program at UNC CAPS often provides outreach specifically for BIPOC students. Spring events will be listed here when they are planned.

In addition, resources are available below to read more about and heal from racial trauma.

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