Group Therapy

Group Therapy

CAPS offers a number of groups to address student concerns in a variety of areas.  A brief screening is usually required to join a group. All groups are confidential and free for eligible CAPS users.

Connect CAPS Group LogoGroup therapy helps people who would like to receive support, increase self-awareness, and learn new ways to cope with personal or interpersonal challenges.  Most students, though somewhat apprehensive at first, report that the group experience exceeded their expectations. Groups typically involve a combination of members sharing thoughts and feelings, giving and receiving support and feedback, and trying out new behaviors in a safe environment.

CAPS offers a variety of support groups focused on communication and relating to others, and workshop-style groups which teach specific skills. During COVID-19, group therapy will be offered by HIPPA-compliant Zoom. A link will be provided prior to the group meeting time.

Student Feedback about Groups at CAPS

“The safeness of being open and vulnerable was incredible. I don’t think I would be in school without group, it has seriously changed my life.”

“Having an open space to talk about LGBTQIA/gender issues was invaluable and I don’t have any other place to talk about that or how it impacts my daily life.  The space helped me feel valid and express myself.”

“Group helped me realize that getting help doesn’t mean you’re weak. You are still improving yourself, but with guidance”

“The leaders were very open and comforting.  They assured us that there are always options and to keep trying.” 

“This has been one of the most rewarding experiences that I’ve had at UNC and at CAPS."

“This group really helped me better understand and communicate my feelings and emotions.”

“Made me feel like I belonged and am welcomed to something amazing. I grew along with others!”

“(The group) was designed to make us really examine shame, but also gave me the tools to deal with it and process without being overwhelmed.”

“I was nervous about group at first, but it ended up being a space where I made tremendous growth.”

“This group helped me a feel a sense of community and was a great reminder that I am never alone in my battles.”

“Hope is what I walk out with every time I leave this group. I don’t know how to thank you for that.”